To login to iLearn use your campus email account without the (for students) and (for faculty).

FIRST: You must change your initial password before you can login to iLearn if you have never used this account. 

Students: This is the same username and password you use to access your TTU email account, without the
Don't see a class listed? If you are taking a course that uses iLearn and the course is not showing up when you login, complete the Student Class Request form.

Faculty: To access courses in iLearn you must first attend an Introduction workshop from the Technology Institute. If you have not initialized your campus email account, you will need to do so before accessing iLearn.

If you have a course with a section beginning with R (ex: R01, R50) go to TN eCampus to access your courses.

Is your computer going to work with iLearn? Please click here for a System Check before you login.

For tutorials and information go to the iLearn resource site.